Flexible models
tecCONS GmbH sees itself as a flexible partner for its customers. Customer satisfaction at the end of the service is important. How the path is shaped is largely determined by the customer. Every customer has different business requirements, we are aware of that. Therefore, together with the customer, we agree on the best way to achieve the final goal. For the customer as comfortable and efficient as possible.

SAP Release Upgrade

SAP Systems - like business processes - are subject to constant change. It is therefore important to create and maintain a stable and up-to-date system landscape by means of update and upgrade processes. An SAP release change is one possible step towards achieving this goal.

Knowing that you have a reliable and experienced partner at your side during this process is reassuring and provides security. The specialists at tecCONS GmbH are experts with decades of experience.

How can our customers benefit from this expert knowledge?

  • Conception of the SAP Release Upgrade
  • Takeover of the software compilation
  • Implementation of the complete technical SAP Release Upgrade
  • Importing Support Packages
  • Importing SAP Notes
  • Documentation of the activities

Database Upgrades

Sometimes it is also necessary to perform operations on the database used by SAP. Extensions of the database, upgrade of the currently used version or the relocation of the database to a new server location. tecCONS GmbH is happy to provide support here as well - regardless of whether MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 or MaxDB.

Changeover aftercare

After a major system changeover, the customer IT team is often called upon to solve ad hoc problems in the days that follow. Here, too, tecCONS GmbH offers various scenarios for providing support. The offer ranges from on-site support during the critical times after the changeover to guaranteed availability by telephone with or without response time.

Your systems in focus

Proactive system monitoring provides peace of mind. This largely protects against unpleasant surprises during ongoing system operation. Here, tecCONS GmbH offers various solutions for customers.

SAP monitoring using Nagios

Using the open source software system monitoring "Nagios", SAP systems can be conveniently monitored via a web interface. When defined threshold values are reached, various alerting activities are executed. tecCONS GmbH is happy to provide this monitoring tool fully configured or to help with implementation on a company's own system.

SAP Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is a central monitoring and consolidation system delivered by SAP. Other SAP systems can also be monitored and checked in this system. tecCONS GmbH is happy to provide its expert knowledge to make the setup of the Solution Manager as efficient as possible.

Outtasking means autonomy for your specialists

Individual tasks of your specialists are taken over by tecCONS GmbH. Thus, daily routine tasks in the SAP systems, such as system checks, are carried out by us and your specialists can invest the entire capacity in in-house projects.

Give your IT staff time for the essentials - we'll be happy to take care of the rest.

Bridge vacation time

Your SAP team needs additional support to bridge vacation periods at short notice. The specialists of tecCONS GmbH are immediately at your side with help and advice. Due to our broad SAP knowledge, the handover and enrollment in the most important activities is quick and uncomplicated. After that the ball is in our court. On request you will receive a short status report about the system status several times a week. This leaves your experts free to focus on the important things in your company.

Defined response times

Do you want the experts at tecCONS GmbH to be available to your SAP team in word and deed? Should they be logged on to your SAP systems within a defined period of time to keep an eye on things when the going gets tough? Then our various on-call scenarios are certainly of interest to you.

The best package is put together individually for each customer's needs. Defined service level agreements ensure transparent response scenarios. Clear accounting of the activities performed always provides information about which activities were carried out.

Your SAP systems operated by tecCONS GmbH

The decision to operate the IT solution in your own company is often accompanied by high hardware and Personnel costs that are difficult to plan. By outsourcing their own system landscape to the tecCONS GmbH data center, our customers benefit several times over:

  • Transparent, ongoing costs
  • Hardware support by system specialists
  • Data center with backup scenarios

SAP systems can be accessed conveniently from the workplace via the Internet.

Please contact us for more information on outsourcing.

Knowledge for your employees

Some tecCONS GmbH employees have been successfully working for SAP Austria, Germany and Hungary as trainers for technical SAP standard training courses for many years. We would be happy to bring this knowledge to your company as well. In a joint coordination meeting, you define the training content - tecCONS GmbH takes care of the rest.

Training for SAP newcomers

Teach new employees how to use the SAP GUI, the graphical user interface of the SAP system, as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, valuable resources often have to be seconded within the company. We will gladly take over this part for you and train your employees on-site on your system. Efficient, competent and flexible.


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